Beachcombing theoutershores: a 2019 Retrospective

theoutershores’ seventh year concludes with this, my 26th post of 2019. I’ve uploaded lots of images from the Oregon coast and a few from Galiano Island, Salish Sea.

The most visited theoutershores pages this year, as in past years, were Wrack Line, all about the wrack line, drift line, tideline, or whatever you want to call it, with links to annual photo galleries from 2012 to present; Red Algae, with my photographic take and a few words on common reds; and About, which tells my story and what theoutershores is all about. I started two pages this year, Wrack Line 2019, galleries of washed up stuff from throughout the year, and Bivalves, photo galleries and a few words about common clams, mussels, scallops, and the like. Click a caption to visit a page.

Below, I highlight theoutershores’ three most visited posts from 2019. Go to the post by clicking the image.

Close view of a few California mussels among some goose neck barnacles
The Curves and Colors of California Mussels features the beauty of M. californianus, individually, in their beds, and in the driftline

Morning Mirror introduces a vocabulary of the beach landscape

Red white and blue float #3247
A View From the 2018 Wrack Line Through My Eyes is a compilation of drifted discoveries

Images from a haphazard selection of 2019 posts. To visit a post, click on the link in the caption.

Here’s to bountiful upwellings in the year ahead.


  1. Thanks for another year of posts. Perhaps you should include more quizzes, as you did in Morning Mirror, to see if we’re paying attention! 😉 Happy New Year!

  2. The sunset shot of the Yaquina Bridge is utterly breathtaking. And the Morning Mirror reflected beach and sky scene… wow! You’ve definitely captured the ‘right’ moments. Makes me fall in love again with our extraordinary coast. Happy 2020!

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