Seaside Silhouettes

I’ve put together some images featuring silhouettes from the past year. It was a surprise to find out I had any silhouettes at all in my collection. Am I alone avoiding backlighting rather than using it to achieve artistic goals? By thinking about these silhouettes and how I came by them, I learned something about my habits with a camera. And I get to show off scenes that rarely if ever make their way into my posts or pages. These selections illustrate seaside silhouettes from Galiano Island, BC Canada south to Yaquina Bay, Oregon.

Silhouettes of trees and islands
Salish Sea Sunrise, Galiano Island | August 20, 2019
View east, inland, from a tidepool tp the forest above. Glare from morning sun on the left.
Beauty in a cloudless sunrise | August 1, 2019
Silhouette of the Hwy 101 bridge
Sunset, Yaquina Bay | July 30, 2019
Misty low tide scene. View to the south. Forest on the right, surf and offshore rocks stretching to the left.
In that world | April 23, 2019
Looking north from the swash zone, a headland silhouette reflected in the mirror. A pinkish-orange sunset to the west
Sunset in the swash | March 19, 2019
Looking south, more or less into the sun. Swash on a steep gravel beach and just the silhouette of sea stacks and a jutting headland. Glare.
Lot of rattle in that gravel | February 21, 2019
View upstream, to the east. Cargo ship at anchor. Evening, ominous clouds.
Astoria | February 16, 2019
View to the north. Neahkahnie Mountain on the right background, surf and swash stretching to the left. Gray and peachy morning clouds reflected in the mirror.
Neahkahnie | January 21, 2019
Vie out to sea from the fortune. Fiery sunset silhouettes a clump of beachgrass.
Beachgrass, Ammophila | January 1, 2019
View south at the north side of the lion, which is only a silhouette. Breakers to the right, coastal forest to the left. Clear blue sky.
North side of The Lion | September 24, 2018
Eight kayaks, each with two kayakers, orangish-yellow sunset in the background.
Sunset, Orcas Island | August 9, 2018



  1. Truly wonderful as always. Especially loved the bridge shot and the kayakers both near and far. Perhaps you need to think about making these kinds of shots more often πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. I like the kayakers too. They were celebrating a wedding with a guided sunset paddle. Now to wrap my brain a bit more around silhouettes. Starting now!

  2. Lovely!!
    Over time I’ve tried to train myself – to set an internal self-timer – to stop regarding whatever view I have in my camera, and turn around, and see what the light is doing in the other direction. it’s often surprising, and sometimes startling.

    1. Thank you Michael. After reading your comment I went back through the photos in this post. There was one, the bridge at Yaquina Bay, where I unknowingly did just what you suggested. In one image out of the sequence I had, by chance, turned to view the bridge from the other direction. An amazing difference! Thank you so much for your suggestion!

    1. I do love how the foam is rolling up in the one you mention. And, you’re right, I didn’t notice before, good lines there. Thank you for taking the time to mention it.

  3. I swear, we have the most beautiful coast imaginable! You did it proud. That Yaquina Bay Bridge is a study in grace and beauty. Very much enjoyed this slight departure!

  4. All I can say is….wow! Beautiful shots! Luminous, beautiful, enchanting. I find it very difficult to choose just one…but the image of the kayakers might be the one! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful collection.

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