32605959364_8b456e4114_cIn the pages linked below I’ve posted photos and a little text about cnidarians and ctenophophores you might encounter in the exposed rocky intertidal or washed up on northern Oregon beaches. I’ve split my treatment into separate pages for sea anemones, hydroids, jellies, and comb jellies. Click on the links  for the group you are interested in.

Identifying some of these species can be tough for a non-expert like me. Still, I can’t resist trying to put a name on all species I encounter. My pages keep getting new additions because the more I learn, the more I see. All this effort at naming isn’t mere collecting or listing. Learning to identify helps me communicate and understand connections, and mostly, it’s fun.  I make no promises that the IDs I propose are correct. If you see a mistake or an out-of-date usage, I hope you’ll let me know.

Sea Anemones