I run across lots of marine species while I’m out on the beaches and rocky shores. I try to snap a photo when I see something interesting or new. Mostly, I come across animals, plants, and algae where they naturally live. I also come across species out of habitat, usually dead or dying, washed onto the beach. I’m getting quite a collection.

My idea is to show photos of animals, algae, and plants I encounter on theoutershores. It’s not really like a field guide, but maybe it can do some things most the field guides can’t – like show multiple views and habitats. It’s also a place where I can show off some organisms that are tough for me to ID. I’m hoping I’ll get some help from readers on those. My home waters are on the northern Oregon coast, so most of the examples come from that part of the world. Below are just a few examples:

To see more images of algae, plants, and animals you are likely to encounter on northern Oregon beaches, click the links below:
Marine Algae
Cnidarians and Ctenophores
Flowering Plants
Surfperches (they get their own page!)

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      1. Thanks for the compliment. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the ocean and the beauty of sea life. You might have to enter those photos into some contests!

      1. Thanks for noticing it 🙂 hope you come back for more… just a bit busy nowadays to do some post and I make the habit of responding to followers and reading their post etc.

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