In the pages that follow, you’ll find my photographic take on lots of lots of common intertidal species and their habitats. My home beaches are in northern Oregon. If an image comes from elsewhere, I note it in the caption. There are a lot of gaps in my coverage. I only post what I find and have decent photos of, and I don’t flip rocks (confessions, I occasionally move seaweed). I usually avoid handling or intentionally disturbing my discoveries. In cases where I did some disturbing, I note it in the caption. I don’t presume at all to have no impact. Intertidal creatures pay a price for me just walking the beaches and scrambling over and around the rocks. So tradeoffs.   

With much respect for those tradeoffs, let’s explore the variety of intertidal life!  Click on the the group you are interested in.

Cnidarians & the Like
Flowering Plants

7 thoughts

      1. Thanks for the compliment. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the ocean and the beauty of sea life. You might have to enter those photos into some contests!

      1. Thanks for noticing it 🙂 hope you come back for more… just a bit busy nowadays to do some post and I make the habit of responding to followers and reading their post etc.

  1. Copy edit suggestion:
    Remove the extra “pay” in this sentence:
    “Intertidal creatures pay pay a price for me just walking beaches and scrambling around the rocks.”

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