Below are examples of limpets you can find in northern Oregon’s exposed rocky intertidal without much effort. However, some of them can be tricky to identify. I’m not sure my photos will clear things up much for those, but maybe the different perspectives and habitat shots will help a little. I list my favorite field guides and identification resources at the bottom.

The organization and common names are my choices. I refer to WoRMS for scientific names and other juicy tidbits, and I learn a ton by browsing the natural history riches in Kozloff (1993). All the photos are mine from northern Oregon unless noted in the caption.

Let’s have a look at some limpets!

Lottia digitalis


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Online Resources

Biodiversity of the Central Coast’s Molluscs page is a great starting place

Pacific Northwest Shell Club’s Gastropod page

All the iNaturalist limpet pages are great fun to browse. Here are the ones I looked at when I prepared this page:

Fingered Limpet (Lottia digitalis)

This page was updated on April 29, 2022