Lottia caught my attention, but dang, that gorgeous Lessoniopsis.

Limpet on the woody stipe of Lessionopsis. Gorgeous blades on the left, Bladed reds, blurry, in the background. This is a very low tide scene.

In the moment, I was so distracted by the limpet, probably Lottia pelta, I missed the beauty of Lessoniopsis. At their base, the blades look soft and loving.

Behind the limpet (it’s facing left here), in the center of the image, there’s another thing I missed. Can you see tiny raspings on the kelp stipe? My guess is these are feeding scars left by the limpet.


5 thoughts

  1. Don’t know much about limpets. So I learn much from just these glimpses you share. Just wondering… would a limpet leave similar ‘tracks’ in the sand? I’ve seen something that left trails like that out in the wet sand and wondered about it.

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