Morning Magic

Lottia caught my attention, but dang, that gorgeous Lessoniopsis.

Limpet on the woody stipe of Lessionopsis. Gorgeous blades on the left, Bladed reds, blurry, in the background. This is a very low tide scene.

In the moment, I was so distracted by the limpet, probably Lottia pelta, I missed the beauty of Lessoniopsis. At their base, the blades look soft and loving.

Behind the limpet (it’s facing left here), in the center of the image, there’s another thing I missed. Can you see tiny raspings on the kelp stipe? My guess is these are feeding scars left by the limpet.



  1. Don’t know much about limpets. So I learn much from just these glimpses you share. Just wondering… would a limpet leave similar ‘tracks’ in the sand? I’ve seen something that left trails like that out in the wet sand and wondered about it.

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