A Moment of Big Wood and Big Atmosphere

There are moments of morning luminosity, and I experienced one a few days ago. The driftwood glowed.

The piece below is a “piggy head…eye, snout, curled pointy ears.” That’s a persuasive argument, but frame of reference is everything in judgments like this. So what’s your interpretation?

I recognize an angry sea lion when I see one—this isn’t open for debate.

Despite ominous clouds, no raindrops fell, and it was my luck to find many things besides driftwood washed up on the beach. To take a look at what I found, click here and head to March 28th.

Glowing moments


    1. Feels good to get a photography compliment from you, Cee. I’ve learned a ton from you and your pages, and your inclusive approach gave me the confidence to put some of my stuff out there. So thanks!

  1. My son-in-law Ehren and Daughter Stephanie have a camp in Mexico. The family has been beachcombers since the 40s. They recently found alot washed up and Ehren carried a really heavy piece to driftwood to their camp. I love seeing your pictures and envy your walks

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