Driftline on Display

It was one of those mornings when everything on the driftline seemed to be out on display. I was waiting around, waiting for one of those high spring tides. The ones they call King Tide. The sand was wonderfully clean, and occasional sun breaks let the light in. Waiting gave me time to take a look around. Here are a few driftline scenes that stood out to me.


two similar drifted stumps, together on sand

Driftline mystery

A clear jelly blob

Sunrise over the foredune

My gear, showing off

hanging on driftwood

California mussel

mussel shell on sand

Dogwinkle egg cases

drifted eggs on sand

A kiss between friends

Stump in the swash

Moon jelly

moon jelly on sand

Drifted Dungeness

on sand

These are some of the scenes I came across waiting for high tide. To see these and other washed up items on display the morning of November 25, head over to Wrack Line 2019. There, you’ll find a whole year’s worth of drifted discoveries.

On Display