Favorite Photos from theoutershores, 2019

This being a good time of year to enjoy pretty pictures, I’ve selected a few of my favorites. Most of them, and I hope you’ll forgive me for this, have appeared previously in various theoutershores posts and pages.

Sunset lights up the foredune | January 1

Salmon-tinged clouds in a morning mirror | January 22

Bangia‘s filaments resemble thinning human hair. I caught that. | March 19

Remains of maritime Sitka spruce and bull kelp forests mingle in the intertidal | April 22

In the crowded intertidal, the desiccation drama is difficult to discern. Isolated, it’s riveting | April 22

Looks peaceful, but let’s, right now, admit that Nucella canaliculata is a formidable barnacle predator | April 23

Horn-of-plenty, Mazzaella parksii, is one of those reds that’s not very red | May 20

Unimaginable forces of surf and surge wedged this root crown in the intertidal’s highest reaches. What forces will free it? | June 5

Oregon’s exposed rocky shore is a high energy ecosystem | June 5

Morning from one of northern Oregon’s well-known viewpoints | November 25

Gazing off to the troposphere | November 25

Sunset on clouds, from the swash zone

You can’t say the mirror isn’t doing it’s part | December 26

I’m grateful I was able to enjoy these scenes in real life. Sharing them with you through photographs is a pleasure. I want thank Ann-Christine, Amy, Tina, and Patti at Lens-Artists, and all the creative folks who have participated in their photo challenges.

Favorite Photos of 2019