Favorite Photos from theoutershores, 2019

This being a good time of year to enjoy pretty pictures, I’ve selected a few of my favorites. Most of them, and I hope you’ll forgive me for this, have appeared previously in various theoutershores posts and pages.

Sunset lights up the foredune | January 1

Salmon-tinged clouds in a morning mirror | January 22

Bangia‘s filaments resemble thinning human hair. I caught that. | March 19

Remains of maritime Sitka spruce and bull kelp forests mingle in the intertidal | April 22

In the crowded intertidal, the desiccation drama is difficult to discern. Isolated, it’s riveting | April 22

Looks peaceful, but let’s, right now, admit that Nucella canaliculata is a formidable barnacle predator | April 23

Horn-of-plenty, Mazzaella parksii, is one of those reds that’s not very red | May 20

Unimaginable forces of surf and surge wedged this root crown in the intertidal’s highest reaches. What forces will free it? | June 5

Oregon’s exposed rocky shore is a high energy ecosystem | June 5

Morning from one of northern Oregon’s well-known viewpoints | November 25

Gazing off to the troposphere | November 25

Sunset on clouds, from the swash zone

You can’t say the mirror isn’t doing it’s part | December 26

I’m grateful I was able to enjoy these scenes in real life. Sharing them with you through photographs is a pleasure. I want thank Ann-Christine, Amy, Tina, and Patti at Lens-Artists, and all the creative folks who have participated in their photo challenges.

Favorite Photos of 2019


    1. Thank you, Sylvia. You probably have figured out by now, I’ve spent very little time on coastal shores beyond the Pacific Northwest. So, here’s to learning from each other in the year ahead.

  1. Thank you for sharing your great knowledge and images with us, Steve. This is a beautiful gallery from Oregon – and here’s to another year in our outstanding Nature! May we treasure it and treat it well, because we are one. Our existence depend upon it.

  2. Hi, Steve. Your images are always a delight. Thank you for your kind words about the challenge and in turn, we thank you for sharing the beauty of your world.

  3. I’m just starting to put ideas together for this challenge. Thank you for teaching us as you highlight the beauty of the Oregon coast. Think I’ll see about continuing that theme up to the Long Beach Peninsula!

    1. You are welcome Lindy. Very much looking forward to seeing more great shots from you on the Long Beach Peninsula. I occasionally make it up to Ilwaco and Cape Disappointment, but I don’t get much beach time. So, I’m ready to learn from you!

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