Bringing out the Red in Rhodophyta

The intertidal can be a drab place, it usually is where I wander. In these images I’ve made it all the more so by dialing down the colors to grayscale. Everything but the reds.

A patch patch of Plocamium looks good against the surrounding grays.

Below, a red epiphyte, probably something like Antithamnionella pacifica. The genus name is a mouthful, eh? I don’t wish to be an enabler, but if you find Antithamnionella a pronunciation challenge, it also goes by hooked or red skein. Antithamnionella favors bull kelp stipes. This bunch, a little worse for wear, arrived on the beach aboard its drifted host.

If you want to see more Pacific northwest reds, visit my Rodophyta page where you’ll find lots of images of the common forms.