Take a Walk on the Wrackline: A Drifted 2019

2019 wrackline was full of drifted treasures. Some had human origins, others arrived from rocky intertidal, subtidal, pelagic, estuarine, and terrestrial sources. Unravelling the stories of marine drifters, at least trying to, is irresistible. Most of their stories will remain mysteries. That’s what keeps beachcombing compelling. Arranged chronologically below, starting with memories from last winter at the top, to recent scenes from a few days ago at the bottom, is a sampling of drifted discoveries that caught my attention in 2019. All these are from northern Oregon, unless noted otherwise in the caption.

That’s a look at the 2019 wrackline. If you want to see more floats and buoys, drift algae, carcasses, bottles, driftline inhabitants, and other beached drifters, take a stroll through Wrack Line 2019 or any of my Wrack Line pages.