Take a Walk on the Wrackline: A Drifted 2019

2019 wrackline was full of drifted treasures. Some had human origins, and others arrived from rocky intertidal, subtidal, pelagic, estuarine, and terrestrial sources. Unraveling the stories of marine drifters, at least trying to, is irresistible. Most of their stories will remain mysteries. That’s what keeps beachcombing compelling. Arranged chronologically below, starting with memories from last winter at the top to recent scenes from a few days ago at the bottom, is a sampling of drifted discoveries that caught my attention in 2019. All these are from northern Oregon unless noted.

That’s a look at the 2019 wrackline. If you want to see more floats and buoys, drift algae, carcasses, bottles, driftline inhabitants, and other beached drifters, take a stroll through Wrack Line 2019 or any of my Wrack Line pages.


  1. I never cease to be transfixed by the crystalline clarity of your macro-images, which make it easy to appreciate the interest or beauty to be found in what you portray. A great gallery of memories.

    1. Your comment got me thinking, I wonder if it’s just about getting close, or how the shots are framed? Anyway, you, for sure, have a knack for framing. Thanks, Margaret

      1. Thank you! In your case, I think it’s both. But the intensity of your gaze at your subject, combined, I imagine, with a cracking camera creates images which invite close inspection.

  2. How great these images look all together on one page! It’s because of this blog that I’ve started paying attention to the drift line and I too have found a few toys. Once when I was purposely looking at the drift line for an interesting photo subject, some people approached and asked if I’d lost something…

    1. Such a good story, Trish. Thanks. I haven’t experienced that exactly, but on a few occasions I’ve been crouched down, or even on my belly, concentrating on a shot of some drifted item, only to be startled by a wet nose on my face from a curious off-leash dog. Kind of similar?

  3. Love every single image (including that rather racy cowgirl!!) So many items that are familiar, quite a few searching for the names you provide. But your images are presented so beautifully.

  4. Thank you for the walk of your memories! Beautifully captured. I certainly have learn to appreciate the beauty of nature by the shore from you. Thank you so much for that.

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