A View From the 2018 Wrack Line Through My Eyes

2018 was full of drift treasures. Some had human origins. Others were from rocky intertidal, subtidal, pelagic, estuarine, and terrestrial sources. Unravelling the stories of marine drifters, at least trying, is irresistible. Most will forever remain mysteries. That’s what keeps beachcombing compelling. Below, arranged chronologically, from the distant memories of last winter at the top, to recent scenes from last month at the bottom, are samples of drifted discoveries that caught my attention in 2018. All are from northern Oregon unless otherwise noted in the caption.

That’s a view from the 2018 wrack line though my eyes. It’s just a sample. If you want to see more floats and buoys, drift algae, carcasses, bottles, drift line inhabitants, and other beached drifters, browse through Wrack Line 2018 or any of my Wrack Line pages.

Photographic Review of 2018


  1. A treasure gallery! Well captured and described – thank you for joining in and teaching, at least me, some new things about the sea and shore!

  2. These are terrific and so incredibly varied! I live on the beach here in SC and it’s always interesting to see what the tides will bring! Happy new year to you and thanks for joining our challenge!

  3. One can literally spend hours on end looking for treasures along the coast line. You take good foto and learning names what brought the sea to your shots made me look more on them.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to mention my little wrack line little gallery. I enjoyed putting it together. I’m happy to hear it found a use. By the way, I spent part of this morning on you “A Filtered Year” post from December 31. It was so good! I found myself browsing the posts linked to each image. In your words and images I discovered a good start to the day.

    1. Gratitude to you Jessica, for taking the time to mention it. I wish you a 2019 filled with things you love, and I look forward to seeing posts from you with your wonderful words and images.

  4. Steve, I’m delighted to discover your thought-provoking, informative, and beautifully photographed blog (and Instagram). I’ve loved the Oregon Coast ever since the first time I set foot on it many, many years ago. My ecoregion for condensed focus during my Oregon Master Naturalist training focused on the Northern Oregon Coast.Your thoughts will help to keep some of that learning in my head… and add some more. Thank you for the time you put into both your sites.
    Best wishes for the New Year-

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