Beachcombing theoutershores: a 2018 Retrospective

This concludes theoutershores’ sixth year. I wrote 26 posts, including this one, and uploaded a bunch of images from the Oregon coast. I even added a few images from Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands, in the Salish Sea. I added photos of new species to my pages on flowering plants, red and brown algae, and I started a new chiton page. Here I highlight the three most viewed posts from 2018, and a few favorite photos.

In The Changeable Rocky Intertidal: 2013 v. 2018, my most popular post, I used comparative photos to illustrate rocky intertidal changes I’ve observed over the last few years | October
In Pollicipes, Magical in the Morning, I compare blood red cave-dwelling barnacles with their sun-exposed neighbors | November
Boring Clams Lend an Otherworldly Appearance to a Miocene Shelf is a short piece about the workings of boring clams in ancient sediments | March

A selection of photos from 2018 posts:

Here’s to promising upwellings in the year ahead.

Photographic Review of 2018