Beachcombing theoutershores: a 2016 retrospective

This marks the end of my fourth year on theoutershores. Including this retrospective, I made 35 posts and uploaded my share of Oregon coast images. I updated all theoutershores’ pages too. I’m starting to like the way my Brown Algae page is shaping up. If you’re into kelp and such, give it a look. The New Year is a good milestone from which to look back, so I’m highlighting the three most viewed 2016 posts, and showing off a few of my favorite photos.

The most viewed theoutershores 2016 posts:

Pyrosomes in the drift line
I posted A Pyrosome Beach Cast in mid-December. It outperformed all my other 2016 posts by a large margin.
Sand grains magnified in morning sun under a jelly blob
Life Imitates Art in the Intertidal is the next most viewed 2016 post. It’s my response to a “Life Imitates Art” photo challenge in February. A short post with my artistic interpretations.

Rounding out the top three, The Abstract Intertidal is my response to an “Abstract” photo challenge in April. I love all the images in this post.

My favorite photos from theoutershores 2016:

Here’s to promising tides in the year ahead.


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