A View of the 2016 Wrack Line Through My Eyes

Whenever I’m down in the swash or threading my way through backshore driftwood, or anywhere in between, I’m searching for things the currents, winds, tides, and surf deposit on the beach. This year the drift was full of treasures. Some had human origins, and there were plenty from marine, estuarine, and terrestrial sources too. Unravelling their stories is irresistible, and some remain mysteries. Below, arranged chronologically, are a few discoveries that caught my attention last year.

That’s a view of the 2016 wrack line though my eyes. It’s just a sample; if you want to see more floats and buoys, drift algae, carcasses, bottles, drift line inhabitants, and other beached drifters, browse through Wrack Line 2016 or any of my Wrack Line pages.


  1. I remember my brothers always chasing me when with Bull Whip Kelp when I was a little kid, this was down along the shores of Victoria,BC…I’m finally not afraid of them (the bull whips)! lol… Lovely array of shore finds (except the human kind) That bottle would of been interesting, any note in it?? I wonder if anyone ever found mine I tossed into the sea over 30 yrs. ago…….

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