This year the drift was full of treasures. Some had human origins. Others were from rocky intertidal, subtidal, pelagic, estuarine, and terrestrial sources. Unravelling their stories, or trying to, is an irresistible challenge. Yet, every year there are some that remain mysteries. Below, arranged chronologically, from the distant memories of last winter at the top, to recent scenes from last month at the bottom, are drifted discoveries that caught my attention in 2017.


That’s a view from the 2017 wrack line though my eyes. It’s just a sample. If you want to see more floats and buoys, drift algae, carcasses, bottles, drift line inhabitants, and other beached drifters, browse through Wrack Line 2017 or any of my Wrack Line pages.



3 thoughts

  1. An amazing selection! Shame on us humans for leaving stuff behind. Hopefully 2018 will make us more aware of our use of plastics.I am starting to make more of an effort.

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