Beachcombing theoutershores: a 2017 Retrospective

Here’s a brief look back at theoutershores’ fifth year. I wrote 27 short posts and uploaded my share of Oregon coast images. I added new photos and updated most theoutershores’ pages, like the ones on reds and browns, and opened up new pages on sponges, sea anemones, and jellies. Here, I highlight the three most viewed posts I wrote in 2017, and show off a few of my favorite photos from the year.

From May, A Glimpse of the Anemones Below is a just a few words about the evanescence of a perfect tide pool view
From April, Security for Granular Claw Crabs is my brief introduction to Oedignathus inermis
A colorful rocky intertidal diorama
From January, a story about how the Washed Ashore Project repurposes marine debris for art and education

A selection of photos from 2017 posts:


Here’s to promising upwellings in the year ahead.