The Fleeting Mirror: a Shimmering Surface Between Swash and Sand

In language of the beachcomber the mirror is the reflective sheen left on beach sand by the receding swash. It’s where the  sanderlings forage. Always on the move, the mirror tracks the pulse of the surf and the turn of the tide. Here’s a good example from June 2016.

Clouds and rocks in the mirror | Coquille Point, Oregon

This is another example. It’s from April 2016, when Pacific beaches were awash with by-the-wind sailors, Velella velella.

By-the-wind sailor, Jockey Cap in the mirror

The mirror keeps company with anyone who walks the beaches. I feature it a lot. Among past posts a favorite of mine is the single image in In That World from March 2016.



    1. Thank you. Looking at your posts, I’ll take that as quite a compliment. You post some beautiful images. I was just looking at your Nature’s Mirror post. That was quite a morning! I love Daybreak on the Marsh! Makes me feel like I’m there.

  1. I like your posts. They give us useful and interesting info as well as showing photos. The photos are the easy part; I really appreciate the words, though, which is the hard part of blogging. I also enjoy seeing the sea in your images (I miss it since I’ve moved inland).

    1. You are so right. I’m not as accomplished as you, but I always give attention to my words, even on very short posts. Finding some words and a voice I like is the most rewarding payoff in blogging, for me. Thank you so much for mentioning the words.

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