The Tide Pools Below

Hikes down to the tide pools have their rewards. When I get a peek at my destination, I’m grateful. In the back of my mind I’m thinking…

the hike back up is gonna be a doozie.

Peering over the edge to the tide pools below

Rewards of a long steep hike.

Pisaster on the edge
Strap kelp, Lessoniopsis littoralis, lives on the edge – exposed to heavy surf, a large many-branched holdfast helps keeps it attached



  1. Great post! As a kid, I remember spending hours exploring tide pools along the Northern CA coast. Seems like there was way more life in the tide pools than there is now. Is that also true where you are?

    1. Thanks! Good question. In my opinion there are periods when the vibrancy and richness of tide pool life is greater than others. Is there a long term trend? I don’t know. I appreciate your question. If I learn anything about this I’ll let you know.

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