High winter tides and swells combined to push big wood up onto the backshore of this northern Oregon beach. Logs like these are usually the biggest material in the wrack line. They won’t last long. The forces that delivered them will wash them away. I took this on the morning of June 7, 2016. Sitka spruce and blackberries help frame it up.


6 thoughts

  1. You get outsized logs from fallen trees…we get spent balloons and ribbons that floated over from Wisconsin.

    Actually..we get a lot..bald tires that were washed off working barges..a lot of wood from boardwalks and docks that have succumbed to the power of the waves.

    1. I’ve never had the pleasure of beach combing your shores, but I can see from your note there are lots of similarities. I’ve always got my eyes open for odd stuff in the drift. By the way, your photos are wonderful. I’ve noticed them several times while I browsed the weekly photo challenges. The ones you posted for Frames were evocative, even though I’ve never seen those shores.

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