Scenes from the Northern Oregon Shore, 2020

January 25

Overturned and buried stump | Only the lower root crown is exposed
Bull kelp remnant | There’s something compelling about decay

January 26

Seascape with clouds, mist, lot of white in the surf zone
Moody Pacific Northwest vibe

March 8

Sunset sets off the zone of green seaweed

March 9

Everybody’s goal is to find a whole sand dollar

July 6

Pisaster, patrolling the lower boundary of the mussel bed

July 7

This image would makes a good quiz | How many different animals and seaweeds can you find?

July 13

Every summer, the beach is littered with Dungeness crab molts | It’s easy to imagine the former inhabitant stepping right out of its old, slightly too small exoskeleton

August 19

Kelp curves | Laminaria setchellii

August 20

Perched in the Hedophyllum | Eye on an active sea

October 17

Looking up into a monoculture of Ammophilla
Foredune and a near-monoculture of Ammophila
Bleached claw on dry sand, almost up at the base of the foredune
Bleached on the backshore | Pinching claw, Dungeness crab

Favorite Images of 2020