Bringing You Along

Just memories now, of a beach walk, August 19, 2020

6:17 am: Accepting an intertidal invitation.

7:02 am: Touching base with an old friend, a study in zonation.

7:58 am: A pause to take in morning sunlight on exposed surfgrass.

8:19 am: A fortunate turn of my gaze, just in time to discover sunbeams penetrating the spruce forest above.

8:58 – 8:59 am: At my turnaround, purple olives leave love letters in the sand.

9:01 am: Passing the Submarine on the side not everybody gets to see. Hot coffee just ahead. On the way, let’s see what’s washed up on the beach.

9:12 am (estimated- different camera): It didn’t take long to come across this pink crust in a mass of washed up surfgrass. It’s Melobesia, a coralline crust on seagrasses.

I want to close by acknowledging my thankfulness for the scenes I encountered. And there’s something I’d like to clean up. Purple olives – the ones leaving cryptic love letters in the sand – those are sand-dwelling snails, Callianax biplicata. The inscrutable messages left behind are their under-sand shows.

A Photo Walk


  1. A beautiful walk Steve, I’ve enjoyed the beaches around Bandon several times. So different from our low country beaches and so beautiful. I’ve always loved the huge rocks with their own personalities. Nice to see the little creatures that inhabit them.

  2. That first shot is such a heavenly misty morning. I could sink into that one (and did!)

    And thanks for explaining the sand-dwelling snails. I’ve seen their writing on various occasions and wondered… it’s lovely when the universe (or you) provides an answer.

    1. So very cool, you’ve seen the writings of those snails. But then of course you have. I forgot for a moment where you live. Looks like we both love this wonderful misty morning on our coast. Thanks!

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