A Window to the Surf Zone and Beyond

From the shore Preacher’s Cave is an inscrutable eyeball in the supralittoral fringe.*

From inside, it’s a window to the surf zone and beyond.


I featured my favorite surf zone photo from inside a cave in A Tide Pool With A View.

*Supralittoral fringe is a name sometimes applied to the splash zone. It’s the highest reach of the intertidal, only wetted by splash and spray.



      1. Ha! It’s an unusual and interesting word, for me anyhow. Honestly, it’s not commonly used much any more. Still I respect it and enjoy it, so I put it out there once in a while. Thanks for mentioning it.

    1. I enjoyed your post about Waenhuiskrans Cave. There are a lot of similarities! I left out the early history of Preacher’s Cave, so here’s a brief sketch: Named for Franz Edmund Creffield, the notorious early 20th-century minister (who had a penchant for public nudity), this cave is one of the oddest unmarked historical sites in the state. In 1906, Creffield convinced some 25 followers to seek “a new Eden” with him; then he instructed them to wait in a dank cave while he ran an errand (i.e., fleeing armed pursuers, one of whom gunned him down in Seattle). Thanks for sharing your cave with me.

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