Lovely Logs


Logs on the beach are a great convenience for all those who explore the outer shores.  They are the place I hang my pack to keep it off the sand when I jot down field notes, take pictures, light my cigar, or eat a bite. I can’t explain why I love to hang my pack on a root ball rather than just lay it on top of a log, but it’s true, I’m always looking for the perfect root to hang my pack.


Root balls are also my rod prop when my I take a break from sampling fishes on the outer shores.  I try to find one well above the surf. A few minutes after I took this photo I propped my rod on another log and while taking some photos a big swell rushed up the beach knocking my rod onto the sand and sea water.  The rod can handle this fine but my reel is a bit worse off for the oversight on my part.


Under conditions of high tide and big surf, logs like this one get mobilized and become the most dangerous things on the beach. People who safely venture onto the outer shores during these conditions are on the lookout for logs in motion.

Note: I updated the images and lightly edited this post on August 24, 2017. Since I wrote this, I’ve developed quite a relationship with drift logs. A couple examples are Drift Logs Add Feature to Beach Ambience, and Keep an Eye on Active Drift Logs.

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