Explore the Surf Zone

Just to get started, here is a sandy surf zone dweller, the walleye surfperch. It’s a pretty cool little fish. Some people say they only come into the surf zone during daylight hours after spending the night feeding on plankton in the water column.  This may be true, but it’s certain they also feed in the surf zone.

Walleye surfperch, Hyperprosopon argenteum


  1. I’m completely ignorant about fishing – what’s the red thing with the gold/yellow ball on it? Is that the different color thing you use to determine color preference? or unrelated to that?
    Also: What are they eating in the surf zone? plankton there too, or other stuff?

    1. Hi Megmi, those are good questions. The red thing is a lure. The little ball is part of the lure. What they are eating in the surf zone, I’m not sure. Other surf perch eat small creatures that live in the sand. These apparently become available as the tide comes in and the surf pounds the sand. As for plankton in the surf, I don’t know. I’ll have to check out the stomach contents some day. If I find out, I’ll post the answer to your question.

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