Little Things

Little things like traces of wetness on a kelp blade; remnants of a fallen tide.

Close up of Osmundea blades laying out over a narrow, drying kelp blade. A bit of moisture remains between them
Osmundea on Laminaria sinclairii

Little things like intertidal intrigues played out in the mist before a coastal forest.

A patch of small black mussels occupied by snails almost their same size. Misty forest in the distance.
Nucella canaliculata and their favored prey, Mytilus spp.

And for beachcombers, little things like the prettiest washed up nassa. (A perfectly fitting empty nassa is a hermit crab’s dream.)

A channeled and beaded shell on wet gravel. Some small bits of gravel-polished driftwood too.
Empty Nassarius fossatus shell

Note: The featured image at the top of this post shows morning sunlight’s illuminating effect on Halosaccion.

Every Little Thing


  1. Magical is exactly the word I would have used if Amy hadn’t beaten me to it Steve. You have a keen eye for the wonders many would just walk on past. Loved all of these.

    1. There’s nothing like exquisite nature. It’s rewarding to share a few glimpses of it with appreciative people like yourself. Means a lot to me. Thank you.

      1. Your tideline images encourage me to look more closely at our local beach. I usually end up taking photos of rocks and sand instead of seaweed!

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