Tidepool Reflections and a Crab You’ll Find in Pairs

With all but one arm above the waterline, the starfish’s reflection is nearly a mirror image of the real thing. In and around the mussel beds, the ochre star, Pisaster ochraceus, is an influential predator.

An orange Pisaster at the water line, reflected, mostly, in a still clear tide pool. (But there is a gentle rolling ripple along the water line.)
Pisaster ochraceus | mussels above, anemones below

An often overlooked shoreline match is seaweed and a reflected conifer forest. Yet, it’s an evocative pairing. I featured this image in Reflections From the Shore, along with a few other shoreline scenes.

Looking down into a sand-filled pool, Desmarestia along the bottom of the image looks like reflected forest trees along the top of the image.
Desmarestia and Sitka spruce meet in a sand-filled pool.

Granular claw crabs are heavy-hitting rocky intertidal double-dippers. They are renowned in some circles for for occurring in pairs. (You can find the second member at the lower left.) In Security for Granular Claw Crabs, I shared some notes about their lives.

A surprised granular claw crab brandishes its impressive pinching claw
Oedignathus inermis

I chose the header image with its layers of mirror images to harmonize with this post’s emphasis on reflections.

Double Dipping


    1. Out on the shore one morning, I was minding my own business when somebody called me over. They were so excited about that starfish they really wanted me to take a picture of it. So I did. And now, months later, we’re enjoying it. Thanks, Anne.

    1. Well, Ann-Christine, here I am up to my old tricks, and now needing to apologize for letting your nice note about my starfish slip. That was rude of me. Want you to know I appreciate your support and great challenges (like Memorable Events) a lot.- Steve

      1. Steve, so happy to hear from you – hope everything is OK with you. I cannot imagine you ever being rude to someone – and not to me either!

  1. Steve, I really like your pictures, especially your header and the starfish’s reflection. The header is so peaceful and soothing while, to me, the starfish image has wonderful composition along with beautiful colors and great details!

    1. Thank you so much, Sylvia. I agree about that moody header shot (but by now, you probably don’t even remember it- I’m so sorry about forgetting to get back to you. I regret it, but I’ve let it happen more than I like. Anyway, I do appreciate your supportive thoughts on my post.- Steve

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