Keep Walking, On the Northern Oregon Shore

I’ve tried to find a Keep Walking vibe in these photographs; that’s my intent, anyway. So I invite you to look and be the judge.

The south wind at my back was kicking up sand and pushing me along.

Looking north at sea stacks in the far distance; surf zone on the left, cliffs on the right; beach with blowing sand ahead; green seaweed-covered rocks in the foreground
March 4, 2021

Here was a gap to scramble through, even though the headland in the distance blocked my further passage south.

April 25, 2021

Oh, to be first on the beach.

Looking over the big wood wrack across the beach and out to see; plenty of rocks at the surf line; a ; little dawn color at the horizon, otherwise a clear blue sky.
April 27, 2021

Headlands exert a gravity all their own. (An odd tower jutting up out of the sand has a similar effect.)

A strange sandstone tower-like outcrop jutting out of beach sand; headland in the distance, surf zone to the right, cliffs to the left
May 25, 2021

Who isn’t tugged by the sight of a brighter star?

In the foreground, a starfish on on a seaweed-covered rock; in the distance, in front of cloudy skies, a lone orange starfish among the mussels
May 26, 2021

See you on the beach!