Update From theoutershores

We all know someone or have heard of countless humans facing ruin or heartbreak from Covid-19. Before I share what I’ve been up I want to acknowledge Covid-related suffering everywhere and express my gratitude that I have a job that keeps me safe, and that no one close to me has contracted the disease.

My visits to the shore have been scant since March when I started to grasp where Covid was going. I’ve been out a little though. Here are two shots from the beach featuring surf zone inhabitants I admire. Surfperches were my gateway to theoutershores.

The rocky intertidal deserves its mention too. I bring you lovely acorn barnacles, Balanus glandula, and a small but hopeful Pisaster.

Staying safe gave me a chance to update my About theoutershores page, something I’ve had on my mind for months. One of the more trivial but creative things I’ve accomplished is updating theoutershores’ logo. It doesn’t have a big presence on my site; you see it only on my homepage sidebar (and you have to scroll down a way to find it!). I got rid of the original version’s blue outline. It makes the logo look too much like a badge for my taste. And I replaced the original blue dorsal fins (I hope it’s clear these are three fish in the surf!) with more realistic reddish fins.

Inspiration for the logo comes from the redtail surfperch. Redtails make their living in the surf zone. You can see the reddish-orange fins on this specimen, it’s a color I tried to match on the new version of the logo.

Male redtail surfperch, the model for the fish on theoutershores’ logo

I liked the updated logo enough to risk a small heat transfer on the upper left corner of my masks. I ordered hats too.

The print shop failed to use my updated design! I’m grateful they at least snuck in the red fins
Next time you see me on the beach I’ll be wearing one of these

Creativity in the Time of Covid


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