A Simple Pleasure From the Shore

Mazzaella splendens is one of those red seaweeds known for the looks it throws your way. Its iridescence isn’t a given, but when things fall into place, rainbow leaf, as it is sometimes known, lights up the low intertidal.

Cut off from the shore, I’m grateful for simple pleasures past.


Addendum: There couldn’t be a bigger mismatch between Mazzaella‘s beautiful blades and what’s going on in the real, human world. I was not able to finish this post until I dreamt:

There I was, in the stands at a packed Major League ballpark. A day game. “Curveball!” I exclaimed aloud, letting my my eyes rise to follow a sky-high pop up. When they drifted back down, I startled myself when I noticed, on my lap, Druehl and Clarkston’s Pacific Seaweeds. The incongruity was so jarring it woke me.


    1. Oh yeah, John. I was looking forward to a game or two this season. Mariners and Giants are my teams. If I’m lucky I get to a game or two in Seattle and San Francisco.

    1. What a dream, I know! I’ve been feeling like anything I might have to share is tone deaf in light of the corona virus. It’s an eternal struggle, not restricted to just the current virus, but that amplifies it.

  1. What a combination… baseball and seaweed! I’ll take your dream to mean we’ll eventually get back to something resembling normal! 😀

  2. They are indeed beautiful, silk and satin, shimmering. You have strange dreams, just like me. Often happy to wake up from them.

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