A Betrayal of My Backpack: Its Contents Revealed

My pack is with me on every sandy stroll, every tide pool tumble. It’s been swamped and dunked, rained on a lot, and sun bleached too. It fits good and carries all my stuff.

My The North Face Backpack hanging on driftwood, foredune in the background
Waiting for high tide | November 4, 2017

Plenty of people have seen it, some know it well. There are people who know my pack better than they know me. What they know is its size, shape, and its colors. As far as I know, nobody’s had a peek inside. Here’s what they would find.

Jumble of pack contents
Contents revealed

Squeeze bottle, corks, Right in the Rain notebook, ballpoint pens, tripod, remote shutter release, tripod mounts, dental floss, glass vials, clear and opaque white finger bowls (variety of sizes), locking hemostat forceps, retractable gear tethers (variety), swivels, snaps, 15 cm rules (plastic, metal), camera (Panasonic Lumix), sunscreen (SPF 45), Maxima Ultragreen monofilament leader (20#),marine fishing pliers, Dungeness crab measure, and back up camera battery.

A few shots through the years:

A brand new pack

Pack and fishing rod on a drift root wad
Earliest photo | April 23, 2009

Revealing my pack’s contents revealed my priorities. I learned things I wasn’t aware of. Are you up for taking a peek inside your pack?


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