Close up, looking straight down on the rounded blade

Cup and Saucer, Constantinea simplex

Cup and saucer is eye-catching in morning light.

Close up, looking straight down on the rounded blade
Cup and Saucer, Constantinea simplex

Feelings are a rarity in my 1993 edition of Seashore Life, so when Kozloff remarks that C. simplex is “a real oddity,” I take it seriously. If he means singular or whimsical, I agree. There’s never a time I’m not pleased to come across cup and saucer. Its low intertidal companions are no less odd.

Intimate low intertidal scene, cup and saucer, red crust, Lessoniopsis littoralis, other reds, with morning sunshine filtering through
C. simplex at the base of a gnarled Lessoniopsis littoralis holdfast.

The scenes above are too intimate to disclose much about cup and saucer’s surf-swept habitat. The photo below tells the story.

A sheltered niche suits Constantinea simplex


Druehl, L. D. and B. E. Clarkston. 2016. Pacific Seaweeds: A Guide To Common Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast. 2nd ed. Harbour Publishing Co.

Kozloff, E. N. 1993. Seashore Life of the Northern Pacific Coast. 3rd ed. University of Washington Press.



  1. An “oddity”? Perhaps but it’s also stunningly beautiful. The closeups glow with colour — so well photographed, Steve. The “niche” reminds me of a carefully tended rock garden but what landscaper could have designed such a wondrous piece.

  2. Once again reminded of the intimacy of the rocky intertidal. Silent except for lapping waves, one tidepool becomes your universe

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