Windows into the World Below

A mussel-festooned reef frames up the sky above and the sand below. In the foreground, a sand-filled tide pool fills another frame. Its surface is a window into the world below.


Lying on my belly, the view discloses intimate anemone details.


Windows into the tide pool world are rarely this clear, and never for long. I illustrate this principle in A Glimpse of the Anemones Below.



    1. Yes, clear water, no breeze, and sunshine too. So, an unusually transparent view. You can touch the anemones. The tentacles close slowly around your fingers. They adhere somewhat, but there is no stinging effect.

  1. Steve, your photos fill me with nostalgia. I grew up with salt air and foghorns and I’m sure there’s seawater running in my veins still. I get back to the ocean so seldom — your pics are a wonderful reminder of what I hope to return to soon. 🙂

  2. It amazes me all the creatures in your tide pools! I really need to go to the ocean (even though it’s only 5 blks from my house),but because we live in an Inlet with fresh water at one end the ocean just isn’t the same… 😦

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