A Brant’s Shadow

In Oregon, we think about flocks of Brant wintering on the estuaries, especially those that support rich eelgrass beds, but there are always a few brant summering singly or in small groups on the exposed outer coast. I came across this one and its shadow on a late June morning.


Brant that summer in Oregon get hit hard by bald eagles, which take advantage when brant become vulnerable during the molt. Notice this one’s stubby wings?

An old journal article I read mentioned that the old timers around Yaquina Bay, Oregon used to call brant china goose, but I’ve never heard anyone use that name. If you know anything about it, please let me know. I lifted this story from my Birds page. It features birds you’ll find on the exposed outer coast of Oregon, ones that let me get close, and dead seabirds from the drift line. If birds are your thing, give it a look.