Count on Chaos at a Surfperch Photo Shoot

I used to carry a Pentax Optio W60 whenever I explored the surf zone. I loved that camera, and I shared plenty of favorite photos in my early TOS posts. Here’s one I like from January 20, 2012.

A break in the weather, January 20, 2012

Shortly after, I tried some surfperch shots.

Silver surfperch, Hyperprosopon ellipticum, taking a wave before heading home to the surf

It didn’t take long for a wave with a sneaky run up to give my camera a salty dowsing, ending the shoot.

There is a lot going on in a surf photo shoot – apparently too much

I don’t hold a grudge against myself or the wave that did my camera in. Rather, I accept that all gear taken into the field is expendable. Still, getting hit by that wave had a psychic impact. I’m not sure if it was the death of my Optio or the embarrassment of letting a wave sneak up on me. I’ll never know, but the photo below is the last I took with that camera.

Left behind with the falling tide, January 20, 2012



  1. Oh, my. I appreciate your philosophical acceptance of what cannot be changed BUT losing a favorite camera, too traumatic. I low mine, my Canon AI (held together with electrical tape) with manual focus lenses to digital technology (altho she’s still in my physical and spiritual possession). I’ve never mastered digital like I did that old film work horse. LOVE the surf perch in surf shot by the way: probably may favorite yet.

  2. That must have been a nice handy little camera to carry in your pocket.
    Also, when I Googled to see what the camera looked like, Amazon showed me an Optio that’s supposedly waterproof… in a color labeled Ocean Blue. 😉

    1. That’s the one,Ocean Blue. Intuition told me not to immerse it on purpose. That was a good call, but I was surprised that taking a wave was enough to put it out of action.

  3. The camera served you very well! love your surf perch photo’s and I love the last one on your now dead camera! Living on an inlet we don’t have quite the same surf and beaches, I miss the east Coast of Vancouver Island, and wish I could venture out more to enjoy the ocean, I just love it! 🙂

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