Starfish to Sitka Spruce


April ushers in the first (daylight) minus tides of the year. The best April tides are still a week away and I’m not alone feeling restless. While we wait, here’s the view on May 16, 2014 when low water permitted an intimate encounter with rarely exposed corallines and surfgrass, Phyllospadix. Submarine Rock, centered in the middle distance, is an old friend. It accommodates all the intertidal zones. Mature Sitka spruce forest cloaks the hills in the distance.



  1. I used to see the purple and orange starfish on the rocks of Orcas Island, but the sea-star wasting syndrome wiped them out. Have not seen any for a couple years. I hope you find some this spring!!

    1. 2015 seemed to be a a bit of a bounce back year, so I’m looking forward to this year’s tides to see if that continues. I’ll keep you posted on how the starfish are doing.

  2. When I was a bit younger I managed ten years of scuba diving in the cold waters around the UK. Lots of starfish and other wonderful life. The wonderful world of the sea!

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