Angles On a Landmark in the Sand

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

My home beaches harbor long reaches of featureless sand; when you see a break in the routine, you take notice. The morning rain had just ended when I came upon this lonely rock jutting out of the sand. I used it as the subject for my response to this week’s photo challenge. The task was to photograph a stationary object from different angles and post three favorites.

By altering my angle I was able to bring out the best in this solitary landmark while featuring a tiny coastal rivulet struggling to reach the sea, an interesting circular gap in the clouds, and a distant view of the iconic Oregon coastline.


  1. Beautiful! This was the first time you’ve seen this rock exposed? Have to think there’s something we can learn from that rock. Speaking of rocks, is that offshore stack in the background “the” rock you always see on postcards — that famous beach? I forget what it’s called…

  2. Thanks! I’ve seen this rock before, never photographed it. That large sea stack in the background is called Jockey Cap. Even closer, you can see Lion Rock. The most famous sea stack in the area is Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, a couple miles north of where this photo was taken, just out of view, off to the right.

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